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Camp Store

Campers and boaters love the St. Andrews State Park Camp Store near the south end of the campground and just up from the St. Andrews State Park Marina parking lot. This is the spot for bait & tackle, ice, snacks, ice cream, camping supplies & sundries, firewood, and more. The Camp Store also offers golf cart, bike, boat, and kayak rentals. Be sure to stop in at the historic Turpentine Still and Mill just behind the store near the Marina parking lot.


Jetty Store

The Jetty Store connects you with the Boardwalk out to the Jetty and beach. You will find everything needed for a day of sun and sand. Snacks, drinks, ice cream, fishing supplies, and beach chairs & umbrellas along with other beach gear rentals including snorkeling equipment and paddleboards. Swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and surfing are all great around the Jetty.

Pier Store

The Pier Store is the perfect place to stock up for a day on the beach, a trip to Shell Island, or an afternoon of fishing out on the Pier. While you wait to hop on the bus to the St. Andrews State Park Marina, there are plenty of sweets, treats, souvenirs & gifts to select from at the store.