Explore the waters of St. Andrews State Park


Stand Up Paddleboarding or SUP is one of the fastest-growing outdoor sports worldwide. At St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, paddleboards are a very popular beach toy because the Park waterfront is an ideal place to get an introduction to this fun, safe, and easy water sport.

Standing upright on a large surfboard and paddling along canoe-style dates back to the ancient Hawaiian roots of surfing. Now, the sport has been revived and everyone from serious big-wave surfers to long-distance racers, fisherman, fitness buffs, and families with kids is having a great time with new, lightweight boards that offer plenty of flotation and quick maneuvering.

You can rent a paddleboard at the St. Andrews State Park Jetty Store then hit the beach only steps away!

Paddleboarding Basics

Our boards are designed for beginners or casual paddlers. You can begin in a kneeling or even sitting position. Then, once you get the feel of the craft and start catching your balance, go from your knees to your feet. Find the center of balance on the board and stabilize there, then work on making smooth, even strokes with the paddle.

Learning can be a lot of fun at St. Andrews State Park, given the protection of the jetty wall and lagoon. Did you know that stand-up paddleboarding provides an excellent core workout?