aerial view of st andrews



Where are you located?
We are located at 4607 State Park Lane in St. Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach, Florida.

Do ticket prices include a round trip?
Your ticket price includes a round-trip ticket to and from Shell Island.

Do you offer group rates?
The Shell Island Ferry offers a discount of 20% off the price of each ticket for groups of 20 or more people when you pay as a group.

How long can I stay on Shell Island?
There is no time limit on your stay, but you must catch the last Ferry off the Island at the end of the day. Please be sure to check the daily schedule when purchasing your Ferry ticket.

Do you have wheelchairs available for use?
Yes, we have beach wheelchairs available to use for free at the Jetty store and Pier store.

Are there restrooms on Shell Island?
Shell Island is a nature preserve with no restrooms or any other visitor facilities such as trash receptacles, picnic tables, or shade pavilions. There is no trash removal service. Island visitors are asked to be responsible and take everything they bring to the Island with them when they leave.

Where are the beach access points?
Access points are off of the Jetty and Pier store areas. The Grand Lagoon is off of the Jetty Store and the better area for kids swimming. The other beach access is the ferry to Shell Island.

Are drinks and snacks available on the Island?
Not available at this time.

Can I bring my own cooler?
Yes, you may bring your own coolers, beach chairs, umbrellas, and other beach gear. Be sure to take any beverage containers and food packages with you when leaving the Island.

Can I rent a beach chair?
We offer beach chairs and umbrellas for rent. You can also buy sunblock and other accessories along with drinks and snacks at the store where you purchase Ferry tickets.

Are pets allowed on the Ferry?
We love dogs, but are sorry to say we cannot allow them on the St. Andrews Adventures Ferry.

May I keep shells that I find?
You may keep any shells that do not have living creatures inside. Try snorkeling or wading knee-deep away from the main boat landing and beach use areas to find empty, unbroken shells.

Can I swim with dolphins?
There is always the possibility of a dolphin sighting during the Ferry ride, and you may even see some dolphins while snorkeling around Shell Island. However, these are wild dolphins in their natural habitat and we do not offer planned dolphin encounters.

Is there Wi-Fi available at St. Andrews?

Wi-Fi is available at the campground for free for up to 1 MBPS. An additional charge of $7 per device per day for up to 25 MBPS is also available.